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Episode 12: Lead the Conversation – The Mass

“Let no one come here, who with his lips can say, ‘We lift up our hearts to our Lord’, but in his mind employs his thoughts on worldly business.  God indeed should be in our memory at all times, but if this is impossible because of human infirmity, at least in this hour this should be our earnest endeavour.” –St. Cyril of Jerusalem (c.315 – 387)

Last week we heard from professor and author, Timothy O’Malley of Notre Dame.  He shared from his book, Bored Again Catholic, and those words really spoke to not only Megan and Becky but also to their listeners.  On this week’s episode, Megan and Becky again Lead the Conversation.  We take some insights and comments from listeners and dig in deeper with more Scripture, early church fathers, and Saints.  We are so blessed with a beautiful and rich and full Tradition.  Being bored at Mass (or prayer or other  spiritual discipline) is an invitattion to walk in faith knowing that Jesus is meeting all of us on that alter. Every day, every Mass, regardless of how we feel and whether or not we think we deserve His love, Mercy and or the gift of the Grace of the Eucharist, Jesus is there.

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