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Megan Schrieber

In the Trenches

Megan Schrieber, is a Catholic mother of six, an athlete, and speaker who is eager to address and defend the Catholic Church’s empowering vision of womanhood and religious freedom.

She is opposed to birth control, not because she never used it, but rather because she did. She admits to abandoning Church teachings in favor of the perpetuated notion that contraception was “good.” But she discovered this was just not true and caused her marriage relationship to feel out of synch.  Her family also experienced their religious freedom threatened when they requested Theology of the Body be taught at their children’s private, Catholic school, and were met with resistance because the Director of Religious Education was in a same sex marriage. When they withdrew their children in protest, they became outcasts in the court of public opinion, who blamed them for her dismissal. From this Megan has learned how important it is to stand up for your beliefs if you want to ensure that your children will have the right to religious freedom in their lifetime.

Becky Carter

In the Trenches

Becky Carter and her tall, dashing husband live in Northwest Arkansas with their five children. After turning away from the Catholic faith for 17 years, they returned and started to find answers to questions that had been plaguing them for years. In their journey back, she discovered the truth about Catholic teachings, and the power of grace that can flood a soul and a family. She can talk for days, especially about her Catholic faith, the effects of birth control, and homeschooling. A lover of hospitality, laughter,  and a good Merlot, you can always find an extra car or two in her driveway belonging to the guests her family welcomes. Life with the Carter Clan  isn’t always easy, but it’s always a blessing. She is pursuing joy in the trenches of motherhood.

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